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Have you ever said to yourself “This is my year?” because whatever you did seemed to work? Well this is what the H&M Group should say about their 2014 journey in Portugal.

After announcing their Alexander Wang Guest Designer Collaboration, the retail group brings new bold moves right before Lisbon’s VFNO.

Where: Chiado, the trendy neighborhood in the heart of Lisbon

What: H&M Home
The big department store with 5 floors now will soon open their H&M Home decor section with a simple, yet chic, very fashionable and also classy home decor line to bring the brand from your clothes to your living room.

With an accessible price range, you are bound to find the perfect touch for a perfect fit to your home.

Where: Avenida da Liberdade, Lisbon’s 5th Ave.

What: COS – Collection of Style
International top and most luxurious brands have an official home in this elegant avenue and this year, they welcomed a new neighbor: COS!

Usually called the “minimalist sister” of H&M, the brand had its first store at Regent’s Street in London. With 93 stores all over the world,  2014 was the year to find a home in fashion growing Lisbon.

With a different fashion approach – classier, minimalist, simple and with a higher price -, this is a brand that appeals to the business, professional and elegant side of the H&M woman. Marie Honda, brand responsible, has expressed her excitement towards COS presence in Portugal.

This is indeed the lucky year for the brands under Erling Persson and Marie Honda inspiration and vision. With a significant and consistent growth in Portuguese Fashion Industry, it is safe to say that it is a lucky year for Portugal as well.

On my side, I will keep bringing you news from beautiful Lisbon.


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Petra Vaz Fashion correspondent covering Lisbon, Portugal news and events for The Fashion Hive & blogger at theconfashionary.wordpress.com

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