Designer Christian Siriano Talks Fashion & Dessert

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Designer Christian Siriano chats with us about fashion, celebrities, and his new collaboration with award winning Andrew Carmellini to create “America’s Most Fashionable Chocolate Dessert for MAGNUM icecream.


The Fashion Hive: Can you tell us about this unique collaboration, how it came to be, and what made you decide to say yes this particular collaboration?

Christian Siriano: I was thrilled when MAGNUM Ice cream reached out to me. You know, MAGNUM has partnered with some of my favorite designers – Karl Lagerfeld, Alice + Olivia, Zac Posen – and I really wanted to jump in and put my creative spin on something that would be refreshingly fun for the spring and summer, while still, of course, being fashionable. It was a no-brainer; everyday around 4:00 p.m. our entire office takes a break to enjoy a yummy MAGNUM Double Caramel Bar.

I had the pleasure of teaming up with MAGNUM and the talented Chef Andrew Carmellini to create “America’s Most Fashionable Chocolate Dessert.” We brought together the latest fashion and food trends to create one amazing indulgent Belgian chocolate masterpiece.

TFH: Where did you get your inspiration for the look of the dessert?

My main goal was to create something luxurious and on trend, using exquisite fabrics that would really evoke this season’s looks. I decided to highlight some of my favorite “of the moment” looks to Chef Andrew Carmellini, like citrus color blocking, intricate lace, tribal textiles, florals and embroidery.

TFH: Did you ever think you would ever infuse fashion into food?

Christian Siriano: Originally, no. But I was recently in Mexico and everything involved taste, bursts of color and delicious dishes and, in an interesting way, food really relates to fashion. My 2014 collection pulled a lot of creative ideas from food.

TFH: Was designing a dessert intimidating and challenging?

Christian Siriano: It was a great project, but it was a new, scary kind of challenge for me. I have a huge passion for food and loved the concept of putting my creative fashion twist on a dessert. But I’m not a regular in the kitchen so it was interesting to hand over my creative vision to a Chef to interpret.

TFH: So you have clearly worked in fashion, now food, is there any other field you would like to work in?

Christian Siriano: Really love exploring all different creative avenues, totally up for anything!

TFH: What can we expect next from you?

Christian Siriano: Well, I am launching a fragrance in September, so that’s really new and exciting!

TFH: With your experience working with many celebrities, who was your favorite and who would you love the opportunity to dress?

Christian Siriano: Tough question, there are so many great options! I’ve enjoyed dressing Christina Hendricks, we are great friends so it’s always a good time working together. I dressed Jennifer Lopez a few times, she is so beautiful and is such a great person to work with. Would love the opportunity to dress Cate Blanchett, I’m a huge fan. Everything she wears is really amazing and fun.

TFH: What celebrity you feel always seems to get it right?

Christian Siriano: I think actresses are having fun with fashion and experimenting with different textures, colors and patterns, which as I designer, I love. I think Lupita Nyong’o is absolutely gorgeous, she always looks so great. Also love that Jennifer Lawrence always looks so cool and in her element. Drew Barrymore also has a great sense of fashion, always enjoy what she wears.

TFH: What are your fall predictions must have pieces?

Christian Siriano: My 2014 collection will be coming out this fall and it’s really extravagant, we want to inspire people to dress up. My thinking for fall is to just go for it and be as over the top and luxurious as possible!

Take a peek at the dessert and a recipe just for you to make right at home: HERE

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    I fell in love with Christian Siriano the moment I saw him at PR. Fabulous to see how much he has evolved and became just what he wanted: a fabulous designer!

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