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The Other Woman Oh and so much more!

If you know me, then you know I don’t go out of my way to see a comedy movie. To pay for a movie and get only one or two laughs as it is with most comedy movies is just not my thing. HOWEVER; I did decide to attend the screening of #Theotherwoman and you’re probably wondering why? Well being the fashion lovers that we are, we heard the legendary stylist Patrica Field (the creative brain behind movies like Sex and the City, Devil Wears Prada, Ugly Betty and so much more) was also behind The Other Woman. So if not for the comedy I knew I was going to see an amazing wardrobe styled to perfection to reflect the characters.


I couldn’t stress to you how this is the ultimate girls night out comedy, although my date (husband) would tell you that he also very much enjoyed it and could not stop laughing. This movie brings out fun comedy, witty dialogue, sexy and stylish looks all while being relatable. You must wonder how can a movie called The Other Woman be such a funny topic, well that’s where the comedic genius comes in. It’s the unlikely friendship that comes out of this sticky situation that makes this movie so outrageous and hilarious. The cast which includes Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz, Model Kate Upton, and a cameo from rapper Nicki Minaj was amazingly put together. Kudos to the casting director!

They always say the formula to a great show or movie is an amazing cast that compliments one another. These ladies work effortlessly together, however; I did have reservations on how Kate Upton would do as I’m sure many others may think the same because we don’t know her for acting but for modeling, BUT I was pleasantly surprised with how funny she was and how well she did! So if you have any doubts erase them all away, this is a MUST SEE movie to put on your radar! The performances from the entire cast is witty, funny, and down right tummy hurting hilarious and its worth the movie ticket because like us, you will get tons of laughs out of it.

Let’s not forget about the amazing looks you will find here that you will love to include in your wardrobe. And if you are wondering, our favorite looks were from Carly played by Cameron Diaz but we won’t give away all the great looks so make sure to check out the movie and see for yourself!

Q&A with legendary stylist Patrica Field who has been the mastermind behind movies such as; Sex in the City, Devil Wears Pada, Ugly Betty, and many more including The Other Woman, (and yes shes responsible for the name plate trend although she says it was not something she set out to become a trend).

Patricia Field who comes across as humble, down to earth, and professional was a pleasure hearing from. She spoke of her inspirations for Leslie Mann character as “Stepford wife style”. When she dresses an actress its about bringing out the character and the comfortability of the actress and not about necessarily fashion or working with certain brands including her own. It’s about being inspired by the character of the story and not herself or fashion.

Personal Note:

I grew up in the East Village here in NYC and remember going into Patricia Field boutique in Noho and imagining what it would be like to put on her clothes from her boutique and being able to afford them. Many years later I still admire Patricia Field and the work that she does. And yes that’s a selfie of me and Patrica Field:)


So make sure to check out more photos, video, and information about the this hilarious movie The Other Woman HERE!


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