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Lisbon Fashion Week 2014


The last day is here. The Abba sang “Time goes by, so slowly!”  but not if we are talking about Fashion Weeks, where time literally goes against us!

But you know what? You learn! You learn how to make each second count every day and make the most of your time at the venue, the show, the interviews, with the people. You learn how not to waste a second. Just like the designers. They have each second on a clock and they can’t spare any.
DAY3 of Moda Lisboa VISION Edition AW 2014-15 is always madness. After a few seasons, you learn to love it; to love the adrenaline of running from one show to another, taking notes, capturing photos, posting on Instagram and twitter and then running to the press room for the interviews. The clock behind you! Tic tac!

Full schedule with designers Nuno Gama, Aleksandar ProticRicardo AndrezPedro PedroDino AlvesMiguel Vieira and, someone we had been missing, Fílipe Faísca with a handful of style, old glamour and beauty for the last day….

We picked 4 Knights for this last day and some of our favorite pieces! Here they are!



You can take it from the name that he is not native Portuguese, right? But guess what, we feel him like one of our own. His talent goes beyond his nationality and every single collection he surprises us with his brilliant and dark inspiration. This time, he went all the way to the Japanese Manga heroines and represented them in dark blue, darlk brow, ash grey and black using wool, cotton cashmere leather and silk to bring each garment to life along with his powerful vision of the woman-fighter he had in mind.


Guess what? We could see her. We could relate to her. To her power and strength and we could at some point wish that that woman, walking fiercely down the runway was each one of us. A Powerful Manga heroine, especially because to this power there is always some sensuality associate and Aleksandar did not neglect that even if it was subtle.

We have an interview on the way with the designer and will soon publish it here. While you wait, enjoy the beautiful catwalk show HERE.


Everything is dark. A little light where the models are supposed to come from and the music starts and then pink. A splash of beautiful strawberry ice cream pink that makes you want to wear it immediately! Orange, burgundy, emerald green, chocolate brown, beige and a sort of sandish grey follow until suddenly the pleading of the Greek looking dresses take you to a complete different reality.

PEDRO PEDRO just in a few seconds makes you travel in colors, flavors, tones, memories, cities, feelings… that closes in a darker tone and three Greek looking dressed in dark gold. All pieces are easily wearable and accessible to be conjugated to our wardrobe.

Inspired by the fantastic work of the North-American photographer Diane Arbus, this elegant designer shows us the beauty of her art through his, though how he feels it and in this game played between soft and heavy, hard and light, elegant and complex, delicate colors and hard ones PEDRO PEDRO’s vision in wools, cashmere, nylons, jerseys, tell us a story we want to hear more about.


Look for interviews coming soon with some of these amazing designers but for now, do visit the videos of the catwalk shows HERE.

As time goes by MIGUEL VIEIRA’s work gets better. You may say he is not exactly your style; or that you would not wear his pieces on your everyday life. I understand you. But look at the quality of what he does. Yes, let us o that. Let us start by looking at what he does:


It is undeniable that he thinks about each and every single piece of garment that he puts out there, that he designs, that he creates, that has his name on it. He thinks. He dreams about it. He designs it in his head, then he put it on paper and it starts becoming reality. Then it travels until the day we see it, passing in front of us in brief seconds during a fashion week.

MIGUEL VIEIRA presented us tuxedos, skirts, dresses, over sized jackets with a glamorous cut that are flattering to the female figure, trousers, with matching blouses and details that make simples pieces not simple at all. No detail is left to chance. The pallet itself shows it, in dark greys and shiny blacks and midnight blues. The designer uses wool and jacquard, and “glams” his pieces with “apliqués” and jewelry, along with accessories like shoes, purses, clutches and sunglasses. We are told a story of a Man and a Woman that could be in Lisbon, London, Paris, Milan or NY. The same Woman. The same Man. The same Glamour.

Watch the video of the catwalk shows HERE!

And le grand finale falls in the talented hands of….


This designer had been absent for a while now and upon his return he made sure to do it in style. FÍLIPE FAÍSCA told the story of models, the great ones – from the 80’s – walking the runway the way they had been thought, with style and poise, standing in front of the cameras to be kissed by them and the garment be properly seen.

We were shown a different silhouette, along with a different pallet and a different style, but everything worked in fashion perfection! In Gothic black, Yellow Dijon, Red Traffic, Blue Enthropy and Inox the designer used wool, mohair, silk, viscose, neoprene and fur and showed to our amazement and joy faces that we loved and admired for years reminding us what fashion is about: VISION and which one he had, today, for the AW14 season.


In a few minutes, the long missed FÍLIPE FAÍSCA brought to us in a glamorous and classy collection, beauty, style, VISION and art and he wrapped up these 3 Days in perfect magic!




 Fashion Love from Lisbon wrapping up Lisbon Fashion Week 2014!




 All photos courtesy of  MODALISBOA and can be seen along with videos on the website here!
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