Valentino Giancarlo Giammetti New York Penthouse

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Last June I wrote about Valentino’s manor that was spectacular. Well, the partner to the Valentino Company is, as all of us fashionistas know, Giancarlo Giammetti has settled in New York City. The Valentino Brand and Company was sold in 2008. Since then, Giammetti has said how much fun it is for his Roman self to venture to New York City over and over because it is like he is free and always is discovering new places each time. So why not just move there? That is exactly what he did. His residence is charming, not super spacious like former Valentino partner, Valentino himself.

Giancarlo Giammetti style involves a variety of artwork by the likes of Picasso, Rothko and Basquiat. Stunning views of the city are for all to be seen from the dining room, master suite and even the bathroom. Simplistic, modern, classic yet still nostalgic and vintage the penthouse is one that should be adored by all. I personally love the color palette of neutrals with famous brilliant abstract artworks with bold colors thrown in unexpectedly. Valentino, the design house is known for its’ elegance and classical lace and bold Valentino red and that is still seen in Giammetti’s house but this time it is less Valentino and more modern and abstract.  Giammetti comments on how he loves to host dinner parties with the likes of Vogue muses and supermodels alike and his space provides for that comfy, cozy nature.


What do you think of Giancarlo Giammetti’s Penthouse? …yes we know, quite fabulous!



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Jeanne Everett currently a fashion design student at the Art Insitute of Charleston and lover of all things fashion is inspired by her great grandmother who was a fashion designer and fashionista. Resides in Charleston but dreams of living in New York some day. http://chicaincouture.wordpress.com

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