How Founder Frances Ortiz Leveraged Her Blog

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 I have been asked many times for tips for leveraging your blog but what is often overlooked is what you need to have before applying those tips; Passion, Drive, Self Motivation, discipline, an I can do attitude, and to put it bluntDon’t give a crap about what others think, keep it moving! First let me thank you for all your support and this is why I want to share with you some tips on how I did it, what drove me, how I applied my past experience, and where I am today. Hopefully this can help inspire and push you. This is not about me bragging but about sharing my experiences with you to hopefully help you.

With over a decade background experience in managing businesses, responsible for overseeing a $50 million dollar budget and controlling cost, managing more than 250 employees on a day-to-day operations and understanding what it takes to run a business I decided to take a leap and work for myself and set a strategy plan in place. Many of you may know me not only for The Fashion Hive but my social activity on social media platforms such as; Twitter, Facebook, Google plus (come join me if you haven’t already:) So I had to begin with what was important for me in life and want kind of lifestyle I wanted for my future.

 Have a strategy in place?

First find what’s important to you. I had to decide what was important to me first and apply my experience to it and most important not lose myself when I became a mom in just being a mom. So the following was on my list:

  • Fashion
  • working for myself (the passion I have for running a business)
  • the ability to stay at work from home and be there for my son our new addition to our family (aside from our crazy dog Tonic:)
  • I didn’t want to be stuck in a job working 60+ hours and spending little time with my family.
  • I knew that I didn’t want to work for an employer, be paid one salary for the price of two.
  • A certain lifestyle where I only work to pay mortgage (I will keep you posted on how this goes)
This was what was important to me.

I have often seen people work long hours just to pay their mortgage and sometimes have two jobs. Often worry about being laid off. I asked myself how can they be happy? Only because I wouldn’t be. Hey maybe they are but I knew I wouldn’t be so I had to do something about it so that I can create the lifestyle my family and I would be happy with. Not about being rich and keeping up with the Joneses. Far more important things like having the flexibility of spending time with my family when I wanted to. Be there for my sons school activities (when he begins school) Go on vacations and have my son see the world since my husband and I enjoy traveling etc. And I knew and know it wouldn’t and won’t be easy and I am not claiming to say it easy. But if I decide one day to work longer hours, or if I am stressed, its for me and my family and not an employer especially for the lifestyle I want. So how did I put my strategy into place.

I decided to begin The Fashion Hive, gain my following, get my name out there & build my credibility, begin monetization (which is not easy) and become googleable:)

I love fashion and sharing my knowledge with everyone so not making a ton of money in the beginning was okay with me. I understood this was a sacrifice for the larger picture.

I knew that with persistence, building my credibility, and lot’s of patience that hopefully sooner than later I will utilize The Fashion Hive as a platform to doing other things and earn a living that I would be comfortable with. (please refer to the bottom quote because it couldn’t be farther from the truth)

First I had to decide which path I would take, whether or not to become a style blogger and showcase my knowledge of fashion and style. Some time into it I decided for my best interest that I wouldn’t and one of the main reasons: Time expectancy. Its great when you are in your 20’s but once you get to a certain age not so good. And like celebrities, people move on to the next new person. From a business stand point I needed something to accommodate my current lifestyle and have longevity, but this path doesn’t mean it isn’t right for you.

First tip: Do what feels right for you and not what’s popular or what everyone else seems to be doing.

After lots of sleepless nights, juggling family and home I never gave up even though the pay stunk. I began monetizing my blog (but this was not going to pay my bills here in NYC and I won’t even get into paying rent in NYC because I can begin a long rant so I am going to move it along:)

I often get asked:

How do you monetize your blog?

  • Advertising
  • Sponsored post
  • Sponsored Tweets
  • Fashion Curation
  • Collaborations
  • Consulting

Then and then… I began taking clients to help with their sites with site migration, web design, graphics, consulting brands and stylist on how to leverage their expertise, how to leverage social media and get their names out their since I already had proven myself. Training comes naturally since one of the things I loved most in my past experience was when I held profit and cost workshops, trained operations managers, or traveled the country teaching a new technology that we were implementing via fancy Microsoft presentations:)

So where am I now…

After seeing how hard easy it was to get clients I decided to Officially launch my very own consulting business. We have two amazing graphic designers and SEO expert on board (my handsome husband;). We offer web design, site migration, graphic design, SEO services, hosting, Email marketing, and social media/blog/brand consulting, and WordPress training at

Only Source Consulting.com


The idea is that it will be a one stop shop for all site related needs. With a background in customer service I understand the importance to make a place for customers to get their needs met and the convenience of having it all done in one place to make life easier.

Tip: Build your credibility, prove your skills before launching a business.

Launching a business takes a lot of work. It’s not as simple as putting a website and throwing your hands up in the air and hoping someone will find you. No there is marketing, marketing, and more marketing…oh did I say money.


Do not listen to others negative opinions, most people I find and other entrepreneurs I have spoken to will agree, that most people who have negative comments or have doubts are afraid themselves to take the leap, can’t imagine anyone else doing it because they can’t see themselves doing it, and just have the “work for someone mentality equals job security “and just don’t get it. I personally just listen, nod my head and keep it MOVING! Do the same. If you have the entrepreneurial spirit you will be hiring those same people in the future. Hey there has to be all types of people in the world. But don’t let them conform you to their mindset and deter you. Let them keep running around the rat race if that’s what they choose which is fine but doesn’t mean it has to be fine for you. So moving on:)


{Need more quotes like this to inspire you, we have plenty more! Check out Our Board on Pinterest Here}

As a blogger there are so many avenues that you can take. What’s important is you find the one that fits you, find your voice and stay true to you.

For example here is a testimony of the blogger behind Style on the Side who we helped leverage her blog to catch the attention of a magazine.

I had been working on my style blog/website for about six months when I noticed it had plateaued, and I was unsure about how to take it to the next level. After contacting Frances, everything fell into place. After an in-depth consultation she developed a plan and talked me through all the steps. I could tell right away that this would be a fantastic working relationship. She patiently answered all of my questions and helped me right through the process. Her attentiveness didn’t stop once my new site was launched. Her level of support and encouragement is exceptional. In just a couple of months I caught the attention of British Mode Magazine and became a style editor. Frances made my journey a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I can’t wait to work with her on future projects.”

Caroline, Style on the side

Mine was fashion, business, and family and who says a woman can’t have it all? I’m out to prove it so please join me and my team on this journey at Only Source Consulting. We have also included a blog section where we will have other experts in the field and myself giving tips on everything blog/site related , including SEO, marketing, branding, blogging, and Social media tips. I hope I can continue to inspire you!

*FYI if you are a fellow blogger and looking for these services, the price quotes on the site for most services are for small businesses not individuals. You can shoot us an email at info@onlysourceconsulting.com we consider our small fees for bloggers as pro-bono and giving back. I can understand what being on a small blog budget is like and…

Just for YOU!

If you need any of our services and have subscribed to our newsletter here at The Fashion Hive you will receive 10% on top of the already low rates for bloggers:) Just let us know you read it here at The Fashion Hive! Thank you again for being our loyal readers and hope you can join us for blog, social media, and SEO tips at:


We have also created a resources page here filled with tools and services that we recommend and use to help boost your site and business. Also join our amazing affiliate program here  we have created as a bonus incentive as a way of saying thank you!

Twitter @onlysourcehere

Facebook @onlysourceconsulting

If there are more topics like this you would like me to share please send me an email and I will cover it at

Only Source Consulting Blog!


What Does this mean for The Fashion Hive?

I plan to continue this journey and love for fashion with our amazing team and hope you can continue stopping by! And if you would like to write a guest post at The Fashion Hive please email us here.


Also please contact us with any questions!

Hope to hear from You!

Frances Ortiz


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  1. Lisa said:

    It sounds like I really need your services. I recently redesigned my blog and moved it over to wordpress, but I’m just not getting the views or audience reach. I do it all, youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram, and still..nada! I havea 6 month old son and want to do exactly as you described in your post. Spend time with my son, love what I do, and be free of the fear of lay offs. I hope you can help!

    • Frances O.Frances O. said:

      Please contact us so we can help take your blog to the next level! Thank you for stopping by and considering me for services, I look forward to hearing from you!

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