Not So White Christmas

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 ‘Tis the season for garland, lights, trees and ornaments. It is that time of year again and I love it! Decorating your house isn’t so hard when you have an endless imagination but for those of us who work, have a family or just simply aren’t much of Christmas fanatic…let’s look at some ideas. Think less typical red and green and more fun bright colors and also pastels, not so white Christmas.

Typically we see Santa’s, reindeers, and all that jazz but it doesn’t have to be so typical and expected. Throw some bright purples and baby blues together and things still feel holiday-ish but with a twist. You can easily get ideas with just playing with a box of colorful ornaments you can buy at Target and throw them in a vase with some baby garland rapped around the vase’s body. Chic, Cheap and Simple! Hang artwork that your kids or maybe you have created above the fireplace and hang snowflakes around them with garland hanging below them on the mantle. Add some bold, bright colorful ornaments In hues of green, purple, blue, red, pink, etc and TA-DA! Check out a variety of ideas I have collected for you to gain inspiration and you can easily set it up for holiday parties if you are hosting or helping out.


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Happy Holidays!


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Jeanne Everett currently a fashion design student at the Art Insitute of Charleston and lover of all things fashion is inspired by her great grandmother who was a fashion designer and fashionista. Resides in Charleston but dreams of living in New York some day. http://chicaincouture.wordpress.com

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  1. caroline said:

    I love it! Decorating is so much more fun when you throw in the unexpected!

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