Interview: Designer Os Burgueses

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SPRING/SUMMER 2014 Collection

Mia Lourenço and Pedro Eleutério are the Creative Directors and Designers of this brand and have proven to be more than talented enough to swim with the big sharks.

Their last collection was BLACK OUT. The new collection also starts with a B, from Banana. Pedro, Mia and Sara gave us the funniest and happiest interview of the entire Fashion Week.

Take a look at the photos and then we will take you to the very creative journey made by Os Burgueses to create such a colorful Spring/Summer 2014.


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After congratulating them for a fun and happy collection the big question – in spite of its somewhat obvious answer – was:

How did we get from F/W’13 to this S/S’14 collection?

Os Burgueses: [Mia] This collection is clearly a funnier, more dynamic and happier collection! The inspiration, well, it came basically… from the banana! (everybody laughs). It was an exhaustion of banana that eventually lead us to the iconic figure of Carmen Miranda, to hip-hop, to Sara’s street-style and this partnership. It was also the wallpaper madness which is the reason why the prints you see on clothes could be something you’d see on a wall.

[Pedro] We normally say we don’t know where all of this began. Things started to happen in a sort of a natural and also inexplicable way. For instance, the song used for the runway show, Juanita Banana, by Henri Salvador, was heard in a car trip and suddenly everything started to make sense, get connected and fall into place.

TFH: A very colorful collection that captured the S/S spirit with unique fabrics. How was it?

OB: [Mia] It was fairly easy. We created the prints and we worked with Portuguese suppliers, however, the fabrics are not Portuguese; they come mainly from Italy. Still, all the production and supervision was done in Portugal and it was a new challenge, working with our own prints, that we really embraced.

TFH: Up until the F/W13 collection Os Burgueses were two. How do you become 3 and Sara gets in the picture?

OB: [Sara] I had been collaborating with Os Burgueses for a while now and apparently they liked my work so I was invited to be the Guest Designer for the S/S14 collection. We do work very well together and I think the result speaks for itself.

[Mia] Indeed it does. We also wanted to make this an opportunity to give a talented designer a chance in the spotlight. All this talented cannot be hidden!

TFH: This collection also breaks with the image that we have been used to see in your previous collections. Was that intentional? Is that a result of all this changes and additions?

OB: [Pedro] You are right and it was intentional. Our last collection was called BLACK OUT and that was the intention: erase whatever image was associated to us and recreate it. Now is the time to think and define, or rededine, where we want to go as a brand and what is our identity. This S/S collection came to explode with all previous concepts and launch us into that search.

TFH: You also have a different maturity now. You have explored many options. How does that help and is reflected in this collection?

OB: [Pedro] Absolutely! This collection was all about experimenting. We had never created prints and used them to design. The shoes and accessories, the strong pallet and headpieces, working with a Guest Designer… all of that followed one main idea: experiment, experiment, experiment! So now we are ready to only looking forward.


Their excitment is visible in the photo above to which they are screaming “Banana!” We believe in the work that is to come, in the authenticity of young talented designers that are creating na identity. Let us see what F/W´14 will bring. Whatever it is, it sounds promising!



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