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luis Buchinho
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A recognized and award winning designer for the past 20 years, Luís Buchinho showed his S/S14 collection in Paris Fashion Week. London SCOOP and Copenhagen VISION Fashion Fair.

Página em Branco (Blank Page) is the beginning of each collection. That was the story of his creation that Luís Buchinho shared with us. In March I had the privilege of attending his runway show In Lisbon (video below), Portugal Fashion week for his Spring/Summer 2014 collection and later the honor of interviewing him as the correspondent of The Fashion Hive.


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The Fashion Hive: What was the inspiration, why this pallet and which fabrics brought it to life?

Luís Buchinho: In this SS’14 I really went to the beginning, to the sketch book where all collections start, hence the pallet: black, white, graphite grey, blue pen; those are the colors we use when sketching. The fabrics are a reflection of that inspiration as well: cotton, linen and silk but manipulated in different ways and for each garment or piece. That is why in some cases it is softer and more fluid, and others harsher and stiffer.

TFH: There is a gradual color evolution that ends in a “striped” fabric. What is the meaning behind that?

LB: The idea was to portray the image of the croquis. When you are drawing the filling is more of a scribble and I wanted to take that into the coordinates not only in terms of color or print but also in the shapes.


TFH: This Spring/Summer Woman is very different from the Fall/Winter one we saw in March.

LB: Indeed, this woman is more etheral, softer, nevertheless her strength remains.

THF: In spite of the differences between collections there were similarities: mixing fabrics and assymmetrics. Is that one of the essences of Luís Buchinho style?

LB: Mixing fabrics and using assymetric designs is indeed part of the brand DNA. It is something I always do and that is a key element in my designs, therefore evident in my collections. It gives versatality and adds expression and meaning to each garment and piece.

TFH: Your collections offer a complete wardrobe for a woman. Do you agree? 

LB: Yes! That is the idea! (Smiles!) That a woman can dress herself all in Luís Buchinho.

TFH: But it is not just one woman, right? Tell us more about it, please.

LB: No, it is not. What my collections offer is suitable for different types of women – as we had discussed in March. Women of different ages, with different activities and going to different places will find in this collection, and the interchangeability of pieces, outfits for their life. That is what I have in mind when I create.
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 Versatility. Possibilities. Ageless.

Words that, in the fashion industry, more, in the feminine world are seductive.

Women do look for possibilities when building their wardrobe and want the chance to create something unique, to take a designer’s piece and make her own.

Thinking of the female silhouete and ensuring that at all times what that woman wears makes her natural elegance and glamour come alive, Luís Buchinho Página em Branco collection allows us, his Muses, to give color to that page and make the sketch come to live.


For more information visit his website www.luisbuchinho.pt

Written By The Fashion Hive’s Portugal Correspondent Petra Vaz

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