Decor Trend: Fringe!

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Fringe decor

is predicted to be a HUGE trend for spring/summer 2014. But also is going to be seen a lot in home decor. Fringe is a style that I think most of us feel like is out of style or just is “too much” but there is a wrong way of decorating and wearing fringe and a right way of doing so. I will gather ideas on how to decorate your home with fringe and make it soulful and youthful and not so much vintage or as if you are back In the 1960’s or 70’s. No shaggy messy fringe decor is needed! Take the look to transform each room and save it for years to come or toss it and revamp your room next season.

Fringe is just a statement piece like a bold gold animal cuff you would wear with a tee and jeans but instead think of mixing textures in your home and experimenting with colors. Not every piece of furniture or pillows need to match every rug, throw or wallpaper. Sometimes the best statements are those that are thought of, tossed out there and just done. Fringe decor can be bring your room up to par and make it a statement when entertaining. After all, how many people have fringe incorporated into their wardrobe or their home? Not very many. So, stand out and take things up a notch just this season or for years to come.

Below are of course, inspirational ideas collected and styled to give you an understanding and tasteful idea of how to incorporate the upcoming trend of the season!


Images Via: Pinterest & Elle Decor

So will you be adding fringe decor to your home?

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Jeanne Everett currently a fashion design student at the Art Insitute of Charleston and lover of all things fashion is inspired by her great grandmother who was a fashion designer and fashionista. Resides in Charleston but dreams of living in New York some day. http://chicaincouture.wordpress.com

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