Lady Gaga Artpop & Nudeness Necessary?

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lady-gaga-wearing-a bra

We know Lady Gaga is a bit out there and we love her creativity BUT wearing a bra in public really? There are little kids in the street, and let’s not forget some self-respect.


Lady Gaga Artpop album released August 11th and we get that marketing and self promotion is key, but was her nudity really necessary? We get it Lady Gaga, you shed all the weight you gained recently and kudos to you. Although to be honest you could have kept a little more weight. We can see your ribs and spine!!! You looked great just the way you were! Hope you are not going too far for the sake of pleasing others. That wouldn’t be you. But all of this nudity, it makes us wonder are you falling in line to other pop stars recently who feel its necessary to pose nude everywhere especially on Instagram. Yes we are talking about Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.

To see more photos of Lady Gaga’s V Magazine Shoot make sure to visit Vmagazine.com

We will also say kudos to this marketing video where she reverses psychology to get you to buy Artpop. Confused? Check it out!


Do you think Lady Gaga’s Nudeness is necessary?

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  1. caroline said:

    I don’t think she looks great in most of those pics but I do think people like her are necessary to push the boundaries and create conversation!

  2. Lexi said:

    I don’t see how nudity is connected to self respect? I also don’t understand this quote “Hope you are not going too far for the sake of pleasing others.” when this entire entry is basically complaining about Gaga not meeting your standards of how she should act/dress.

    • Frances O.Frances O. said:

      Hello Lexi, Thank you for stopping by and sharing your opinion, we appreciate it. Nudity in itself is not connected to self respect, however; when in public we need to be mindful with small children, in magazines, in my opinion there is tasteful and then there is pointless. The quote you reference, is in regard to a previous post I wrote about people in social media bullying people about their weight and she was a target. And all the nudity seems to be coming after she shed her weight and was criticized. Please re-read the post. In the post there are many compliments as telling her she looked great the way she was, and that it wouldn’t be her if she did do this for the sake of pleasing others, we also complimented her on the video we put up. Thank you for your opinion and we hope to hear more thoughts from you again.

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