Michelle Williams Louis Vuitton Equals Stunning

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Michelle Williams Louis Vuitton=Stunning, Stunning, Stunning!

Oh MY! There are not that many celebrities that can wow me these days I must admit. Whether it’s for lack of originality or trying too hard. Michelle Williams has consistently carried herself with class and grace and never camera hungry. She dealt with the passing of her love and father of her daughter Heath Ledger with such strength and grace. With that said Michelle Williams Louis Vuitton is a perfect match. With the burnt red lipstick and her short edgy cut and oh those perfect eyebrows she is stunning and exudes sex appeal mystery and all while keeping her clothes on!

I’m not shocked with the overwhelming positive response unlike when Michael Phelps was chosen to represent Louis Vuitton.

So what are your thoughts?



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One Comment;

  1. caroline said:

    I completely agree! She also has this wonderful chameleon like quality, I almost didn’t recognize her, she looks stunning.

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