Rihanna Launches New Mac Line

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So much going on with beauty lately. Lots of announcements from Marc Jacobs new beauty line being released later this summer to Tom Ford creating a mens make up line, yes you read that right it wasn’t a typo, so I’ll repeat again a  MENS makeup line. Yeah I know, not my cup of tea but apparently it is for some.

Now it’s Rihanna doing it again! If her Riri Woo lipstick didn’t already prove the success of her power collaboration with Mac cosmetics, then let her convince you some more with her latest launch! Two more colors added and bronzer to match. But like they say you snooze you loose! Let’s just hope with so many fans supporting the fashion diva’s latest business ventures and concerts, she can at least have the courtesy to show up to her concerts on time but word of advice don’t mess with her at her concerts or you might get yourself smacked with a mic. Don’t believe me try it and you might feel the same wrath as her latest victim here. Just saying!

Shop the Rihanna collection at Mac Cosmetics

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  1. caroline said:

    This is hilarious! Do I dare say that I’m not really a fan of hers….. I just can’t seem to get into her style but I am really liking her collaboration with MAC, the colours are great!

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