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Get Your Beach Style on!

Since we’re now experiencing the hot weather we’ve all been waiting for, if you haven’t been seaside yet then its high time you make a visit to the land of sand, sun, and H2O. But before you make any moves down to the shore, make sure you have all the essentials you need to turn heads (and even look hotter than the sun). Beach Style Edition! Chic bathing suit? Check. Cute hat? Check. Stylish sandals? Check. Cool cover-up? Maybe not.

Most people who are spotted on the beach are sporting whatever rags he or she happens to care less about (the mentality is usually that it’s going to get dirty anyways). However, that’s why the cover-up was invented: it’s meant for playing in the sand while keeping your bathing suit veiled and you looking amazing. With so many styles to choose from, there’s something to suit a variety of tastes, whether you’re into a glamorous sheer maxi, a show-off sarong, or a girl-next-door romper. Take a cue from these ladies who know how to do beach cover-ups the right way:

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Alexis Feinberg

Style Contributor: With a background in the fashion merchandising, Alexis Feinberg works as a freelance public relations and social media specialist. Her passions include cooking, entertaining, and of course all things fashion! In the future, Alexis would like to establish her own fashion PR firm and continue to blog at top speeds. Check out her own blog at http://www.streetspavedwithfabric.tumblr.com

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