Inspiration: City Girl in a Big World

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Not loud enough? That’s exactly what I am – BIG CITY LOVER CITY GIRL! Loving the city I live in. The city that never sleeps.

The city where dreams are made and people dream to live in. The city where I was born and raised, Manhattanite as we refer to ourselves. I have traveled many places around the world and fell in love with many but no place can ever take the place of NYC. With memorial day signaling the beginning of summer vacation for us here in the U.S it’s also a day for us to reflect on what Memorial Day truly is. A day to remember all the soldiers who have risked their lives to help us keep our freedom and the quality of life that we should not take granted and others do not have. That is why I appreciate the city I live, the country I live, but most of all the soldiers that made it and make it possible. Thank you!







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Happy Memorial Day

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  1. Nixx said:

    Love this article. Mainly because I, myself, am a proud New Yorker as well. I love the city, and honestly can’t see myself anywhere else. Happy Memorial Day for those solders that provide me the freedom to continue enjoying my wild NYC. <3

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