Happy Mothers Day

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Is there a controversy between moms or has it always been around?


I like to think I can relate to all the photos and others I chose not to include because well it’s nicer on the eyes to look at when we are all glamed up or wearing our super hero costumes and not when we look like we need ten more cups of coffee to get us through the day and our hair is a disaster all while running around toddlers. Nah this is a fashion site so let’s keep it pretty. Hey but there are the naysayers that say mothers don’t look like the women above modeling  in magazines or can look as good as a celebrity.

Bah ha ha, nonsense. Try harder. Yes there are days and we all have them that we just don’t. But there are days that you can find me styled up while holding my toddler on my hip and I love every minute of it and still do. Go on any given day to Soho and you can see tons of stylish women with their toddlers. I personally can never imagine leaving my sense of style because I am a mother. That is like ripping a part of me out.

Does that make sense?

So when I get those eyes staring at me, and you know those eyes, because I know it’s not me it’s them.

Those that look at you like

" How dare you be a mom and look nice?" 

Well I say

"how dare you judge me when you look sloppy and use the excuse not to look nice because you are a mother?"

like what if!

So I like to say HAPPY MOTHER”S DAY to EVERYONE because as long as you stay true to you, whether you have days you don’t feel your best or you look your best it’s all okay. We are all mothers and love our children and that’s what it should be about and not who’s wearing what.

I focus on finding my inspiration from my mother to be the best mom I can be whether wearing stilettos or flats with my best accessory (my son) everyday. She is everything in a mom I hope to be!



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  1. HerLateNightCravings said:

    Hope you had a fabulous Mother’s Day!! Loving all of these photos you added! Love what you said too about not losing your sense of fashion just because you are a mom. So many women around where we live do that and we don’t understand it.

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

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