Decor: Emerald Green

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Panetone has chosen its colors for this spring 2013 and Emerald green is one of them! It is a happy hue that flatters many people in clothing form but why not add it to your décor in your house? I know what you’re thinking, can I really pull that off or is that too loud? No, you really can pull it off and you really can paint your walls that color and it won’t be TOO much. Emerald is a stunning color to begin with, flattering almost every coloring and shape. Add it to a wall with some paint or add it with touches of Emerald throughout your living room and some pretty Emerald throws on the couches. Inhale my ideas below and let me know how you incorporate this Beautiful color for the spring in your own décor.

Don’t be afraid to mix in Emerald with patterns, plates or fabrics.


Add some beautiful color to your ceiling and green is a happy color which can bring a lot into a bedroom.

I love the floral wallpaper in the kitchen with a touch of Emerald in the color on the island. Just a POP! Of color makes a huge difference. Try it for yourself. After all, it is just paint, you can always change the color.


I love the texture of wallpaper with a beautiful geometric shape and some color, use this with Emerald

Love this idea of using the hint of Emerald in your bedroom.. the vintage rustic green is stunning and so shabby chic!

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Jeanne Everett currently a fashion design student at the Art Insitute of Charleston and lover of all things fashion is inspired by her great grandmother who was a fashion designer and fashionista. Resides in Charleston but dreams of living in New York some day. http://chicaincouture.wordpress.com

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