Victoria Beckham Style Answers!

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Victoria Beckham style is constantly on our RADAR! Recently she shared her 5 fashion rules to Grazia and we agree with every single one! I personally could never stress #1 & 4 more! You can still work it with flats!

1. A pair of shades complete any outfit…

VB: ‘Never forget your sunglasses – they finish off any look.’

2. Invest in well made, classic skinny jeans…

VB: ‘It’s all about proportion and balance – a skinny indigo jean is good for day or night, just as the right amount of stretch is really flattering.’

3. Match your outfit to the occasion…

VB: ‘Dress appropriately – not too tight, with room to move around when carrying the kids!’

4. Flats are just as chic…

VB: ‘Contrary to rumours, you don’t always need to wear heels!’

5. Accessories are key to every look…

VB: ‘Make sure you always accessories as the right bag can make the outfit.’

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