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Now that the holidays have come and gone, we’re left with nothing but the cold weather and thoughts of when Spring will rear it’s blossoming head. However, it doesn’t have to be this way! There is a bright and shining silver lining (and you thought you left all that shine behind on New Years): new wardrobe pieces to keep you warm and chic for the rest of the winter.


Let’s start with the fur vest. If you don’t have one already, then it’s high time you got one (it doesn’t have to be real, faux versions are just as luxurious)! You can layer a fur vest atop a cozy sweater or, if it’s large enough, over a chic winter coat to add that extra something to your outfit.


Since we’re already on the topic of the great outdoors, lets discuss hats and gloves. When the temperatures refuse to budge above 40 degrees, it’s essential that you have both of these items to keep you warm. For your head, a great pick is the knitted beanie (not just for hipsters anymore)—they’re soft, comfy, and don’t give you hat-head for when you eventually take it off. And for your hands, look rich with a pair of warm leather gloves, maybe with a bit of knit on the inside.


As you already know, when you’re a darling fashionista, all it takes is an exciting new addition to your closet to put a smile on your face! So, let’s bring some warmth to your winter with a look at these key pieces:


Still not time for bikini weather here in the East coast but we can still be happy looking stylish and warm!


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Alexis Feinberg

Style Contributor: With a background in the fashion merchandising, Alexis Feinberg works as a freelance public relations and social media specialist. Her passions include cooking, entertaining, and of course all things fashion! In the future, Alexis would like to establish her own fashion PR firm and continue to blog at top speeds. Check out her own blog at http://www.streetspavedwithfabric.tumblr.com


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