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SHABBY CHIC DECOR                           

I am loving this new approach in homes that is like a “vintage-chic coffee house” kind of style.  Let me elaborate: I am talking about Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra playing, while you make yourself a cup of Joe, kind of feel and look.  Cozy but with doses of vintage colors like light blues, light greys, rustic tables and wall fixtures. I love the feel that antique pieces like a coffee table or shelf can bring to a room. I want to really get my apartment looking shabby chic and I know I am not the only one. I want to mix old world with new world and have quality pieces mixed with vintage comfy tables and pillows.

Now, in order to do this interior work, you can just add subtle hints around your house like old mason jars on a wood board and hang on a wall. You aren’t limited to only making one room look vintage though, your whole house can have the appeal with ideas like a cake stand no longer in use, used in the bathroom counter to hold all your yummy goodies.

Also, if you prefer keeping a modern feel to your home or apartment, keep it but maybe mix in an old vintage table or some antique coffee table books and candles? The idea is to keep the room simplistic but still have color and prints added with a rustic light wood table or baby blue espresso bar. Light hues of green, pink, blue, purple and neutrals look so good together and mixed it. I love the idea of creams, greys and blues mixed together into a breakfast room. Another fabulous idea is to take old tea cans from like different brands and different colors and plant plants in them at the windowsill.

Anyways, I’ll let you take a peek at the photos I chose and placed together, to get your home feeling cozy but also very vintage, Shabby Chic Decor!



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Jeanne Everett currently a fashion design student at the Art Insitute of Charleston and lover of all things fashion is inspired by her great grandmother who was a fashion designer and fashionista. Resides in Charleston but dreams of living in New York some day. http://chicaincouture.wordpress.com

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  1. Nixx said:

    Love this style of decor but never know where to shop for it , thank you!

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