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On our Radar! We like you to meet owner of Touchedemode where you can find amazing accessories and statement pieces that will complete your outfit!

TouchedeMode Accessories Boutique is an online store launched by fashion/beauty blogger Emari Parsons. See what inspired Emari Parsons to expand her blogging business.

The process has been a project I’ve been working on since October 2011. Inspired by a bloggers seminar last year at the Teen Vogue Fashion University Conference, I remember having a journal  full of ideas including a list of possible names  for my website. I’m glad I chose Touché De Mode which is French for Touch of Fashion.  Finally in late August 2012, I finally developed my idea that was once written on paper into an actual website. Starting a blog and an online boutique was always an idea that stayed in my mind for a long period of time. Finally, I decided to turn it into reality. The ultimate goal of the online store is to provide trendy and affordable accessories and clothing for a budget for all consumers. Let’s face it, we all want high-priced items seen on popular celebrities, however, we all do not have a “celebrity budget”. When shopping for items for my boutique, I don’t only take budget into consideration, but I also take in current trends. The name of the boutique is actually draws a meaning from that.

Who she is!

I’m an aspiring production manager/writer from Brooklyn, New York whose overall life is based around creativity. Currently, I ‘am a fourth year student at the Fashion Institute of Technology studying Fashion Design and Advertising/Marketing Communications.  Whether I’m blogging, styling, running my online boutique, or sketching, everything is focused around one thing that I love, Fashion!




Make sure to check out Touchedemode at www.touchedemode.bigcartel.com



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  1. Nixx said:

    Ok, I just LOVE the name. It really caught my eye and sounds awesome in English as well, “Touch of Fashion”. Catchy lol and I can NOT argue with those prices. Sweet! =) Found another go to site next to the fashion hive of course lol =)

  2. caroline said:

    Just checked out her site, love the jewelry!!!! It’s so much fun discovering new designers.

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