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While the fashion world will be moving into the fall season in t-minus three weeks, the rest of us regular folk are still looking for what’s coming for Spring 2013. During fashion week, after the models strut the runways in the newest designer duds, analysts get to work deciding what the coming key trends will be for the season.

 For Spring 2013, there are a couple of trends that are still going strong such as the sheer look, but the one trend that has emerged to a different beat (it’s been done before, but this year’s spin is ever-so-fresh) is Asian inspiration. Dubbed “Asia Society” by top industry websites, it’s all about the kimono with a twist.

 From elite designers like Prada and Lanvin, we see a more structured style that is fit for your inner warrior. On the flip side of the geisha coin, designers such as Emilio Pucci and Dries Van Noten have given their kimono takes a softer, feminine look that resembles more of an elegant silk robe.

asian trends 2013 - blog pic

As you can see from the range of styles that are emerging from the Asia in each designer’s mind, there’s something to fit everyone, whether you’re a structured kind of gal or want a style with gentleness and drape. On a final note, don’t forget about color and print! You’ll see that the more rigid styles (like those seen at The Row), tend to be in a solid, more neutral color as to show off their sharp lines. The flowing kimono styles are paired with beautiful, big floral patterns that are incredibly eye-catching.
So throw this season’s version of the kimono on and meet the ladies for a girl’s night of sushi and show everyone that you’ve got your thumb on the pulse of this spring’s fashion trends!



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Alexis Feinberg

Style Contributor: With a background in the fashion merchandising, Alexis Feinberg works as a freelance public relations and social media specialist. Her passions include cooking, entertaining, and of course all things fashion! In the future, Alexis would like to establish her own fashion PR firm and continue to blog at top speeds. Check out her own blog at http://www.streetspavedwithfabric.tumblr.com

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