Nailuv kit I’m in love

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Nailuv kit I’m in love

As a mother of a 1 1/2 boy who’s going on twenty (too smart for his own good) I barely have time to sit patiently at a nail salon stressing and driving myself nuts over what I think “might” be happening at home leaving my son, husband and dog all alone. So when I do have some peace and quiet I find doing  my own manicure and  pedicure on my own time more convenient and therapeutic which happens to be in the strangest times. Like when everyone is asleep including the  dog at like about 1 a.m, yes you read that right. So Nailuv has a Gel Nail Polish Kit with the perfect Gel Nail Polish Colors for exactly that.

Get the salon look without leaving your home. Nailuv promises salon quality nails. Salon Gel Nail Polish to shine brighter, chip free, and last longer up to two weeks that’s less time at the nail salon and less time spending doing your own nails, and can’t forget going nuts! Yes I’m sold.


So I ask where have you been all my life?

They also have thirty-two shades so we are sure you will find plenty you will love to match those great outfits you put together! So for only $125 it’s a great deal that includes an LED Light, Gel Polish Remover, Cleanser, Nail Buffer, Nail Cuticle Pusher, Application Guide, and Gel Color (Homebody Not). The site also has nail tips and design ideas in their blog section you can always refer to which is a nice added bonus when you run out of creative ways to design your nail which as of lately a big trend.


nailuv kit




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  1. caroline said:

    This looks fantastic! It has been such a pleasure reading your posts, can’t wait to read more in 2013. All the best in the New Year!

  2. Annie said:

    Thank you for posting. It is so great to hear about Nail Luv

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