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Office Inspiration

I work on The Fashion Hive site from  home in my Manhattan apartment  HERE (so can you envision it yet?) YES, a desk against the wall with all of our Apple products and well nothing else. Want to know why? Because it’s a Manhattan apartment!

So how do I make it work?

When living with limited square footage you have to be creative and make sure when you purchase things they have to be multi-functional. If it can only be used for one thing don’t even think about it.

For Example:

In picture number 9 that’s actually the same desk I own and computer (minus the pink hideous walls:/) There is storage under the glass where we keep our laptops, iPads and Apple external hard drive. The sides also have storage where we keep our printer/scanner/copier (multi-functional:), supplies and binders.

#9 desk- used for everything office related.


In picture number 10 we own that as well except in the middle there aren’t any cubbies but rather space for a television where we keep our flat screen. Once again multi-functional. We also house the usual, a few pictures and we have fabric bins which fit perfectly in the cubbies where we hide our sons toys at the bottom. So when we have company all his small toys and books are put away and now its an adult sitting area:)

# 10 Storage unit: used for television, decoration, and housing children’s toys.

Our coffee table has wheels (that are hidden) so we can move it out the way when we need to. It also has storage where we keep our board games, and whats the best it’s the top lifts up so it can be chest level so if you want to have a snack and watch television you can comfortably do so :)

 So I leave you with the thoughts above:

Love what you do…Do what you love!

Then the deco comes secondary, because no matter how beautiful your space is you have to love what you do:)

 That’s the Buzz!

Frances O.

The Fashion Hive Boutique

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  1. Nixx Marie said:

    Great tips! The 1st office pic caught my eye. It was really beautiful and I eventually want to design my home office something similar to that. Thanks for the inspiration and tips! =)

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