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In July  you can find Rihanna gracing the cover of Harper’s Bazaar issue available on news stands on July 17th. She opens up about her “nonexistent love life” and how she lives rebelliously through fashion and tattoos. Her looks are everything that she hasn’t been lately as I have recently written about HERE.  It reminds me of the old Rihanna I loved when she looked glamorous, sophisticated, and well put together. In this photo shoot photographed by Camilla Akrans, you sense the old Rihanna with a mixture of today’s Rihanna mixed with the edgy hair do, tattoos wearing glamorous sophisticated clothing by designers such as; Tom ford, Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang, and Ralph Lauren.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed she keeps up this look to clean up her image that has been recently tainted by her raunchy looks.

No stranger to the tabloids and everything Chris Brown drama, Rihanna speaks about her collaboration with Chris Brown on her single “birthday cake” remix and how she did not think it would bring such a backlash.  Cough, cough, cough, really Rihanna and everyone surrounding you including Jay-z did not tell you how it might be perceived or the obvious didn’t kick in? I’m not entirely sold. I think I would have respected more if she just said I did because I wanted to end of story.

And more drama surrounding Rihanna lately. According to Forbes.com Rihanna:

 “Alleges Financial Mismanagement Resulted in Tax Audit”

And as a result is filing a lawsuit against accounting firm Berdon LLP due to revenue lost and “gross mismanagement” of tens of millions dollars over a few years period. Read full article here.  It’s a shame when you work hard and you can’t trust the people you surround yourself with. Hope everything works out for Rihanna.

Oh and kudos to the stylist team who put these looks together, Great job!


“So what are your thoughts?”

rihanna back together with chris brown
rihanna and chris brown
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  1. Nixx Marie said:

    Ok, I love this new look Rihanna is pulling. Its so edgy and unique, and she isn’t revealing 90% of her body, which is a plus because you don’t have to be naked to be beautiful or to make a statement in her case. I really do hope she turns over a new leaf. Great article!!

  2. Kristina said:

    Nice to see Rihanna looking a bit more sophisticated, but I am sceptical to chances of it lasting… Very nicely reported! xx

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