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Being involved in all things social media from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, google+, you tube, and of course Pinterest  I multi task with everything I do. It’s a whole lot of work managing all these social media sites on top of  working on The Fashion Hive, answering emails, calls, and oh yeah my one year old son who’s running around with my crazy dog up to no good getting into anything and everything they possibly could.  Including my dog taking away my sons food from his hands as he looks like he’s running for his life!!! I can’t help but to laugh because as I type this I can imagine them. Oh if you only knew!


But as of lately I have found myself getting bored of Facebook and more interested in Pinterest. I  have been finding that many people are sharing on-line photos and quotes onto Facebook more than sharing status updates. Then why wouldn’t I just stick with Pinterest? I haven’t given up on Facebook entirely yet so the jury is out on this topic. But then I think sometimes how would I do without the entertainment of “Facebook Wars”? Are you finding yourself spending less time Facebook?

And let’s be clear I am talking about my personal account not the fan page because of course I love hearing from all of you!

So which social media site are spending most of your time with?

So are you on Pinterest?

What are some boards that inspire you?


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