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Lady Gaga is yet again to grace the cover of Vogue. When she made her first appearance in March of 2011 (photo above) cover it quickly became the second highest selling copy. So it’s no shock Lady Gaga has been chosen to be on the most prestigious September cover ( due to advertisements) and being one of the most top influential people in the world having over 25 million loyal followers on Twitter alone. Lady Gaga always consistently has everyone on the edge of their seats to see what outrageous outfit she will be wearing next or toppling over or blocking someone’s view at an award show either way she makes news good and everyone wants a piece of her!

Fun Facts:

Fun fact #1 25 million followers are more of a following than many magazines.

Fun fact #2 Be warned never say anything negative about Lady Gaga on Twitter because her loyal followers will make sure to tell you a thing a two, go a head try it and let us know how it goes:/ Be very afraid!

Fun fact #3 this issue is set to come out around the same time her first perfume line said to be called  “Monster” will be debuting. (Kudos to the brains behind her public relations and marketing team for strategically coordinating it together!)

Fun fact #4 the Lady Gaga requested the perfume to smell of get ready for this…”blood and semen” yes I’m not making this up. And let’s be honest with the loyal following Lady Gaga has it wouldn’t matter what the perfume would be called they will still run out and get!

So Are You One of Lady Gaga’s Followers?

Will You be Buying This Issue?

Do You Think Lady Gaga September Vogue Issue WIll Out her March Issue?

That’s the Buzz!

Frances O.



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  1. Nixx Marie said:

    Lol this little monster will not be buying her perfume!!! Love her music, but I’m not going to walk around smelling like blood and semen lol great article =D glad I read this before I purchased THAT lmao <3

    • Frances O. said:

      Love your honestly! It is a little strange wanting to walk around smelling of blood and semen :/

      Thanks for stopping by The Fashion Hive-till next time:)

    • Frances O. said:

      Thank you for stopping by:) Yes always waiting to see what new thing she will be doing:)

  2. Sotiria Krikelis said:

    The only celeb perfume I bought and like is the Britney Spears one in the purple bottle (dont laugh). Other than that I just dont buy perfume, I prefer body sprays. She looks very Girl w/Dragon Tattoo, lol. I’ll read the issue at a Barnes and Noble.

    • Frances O. said:

      Love it! I myself must admit I have not purchased any celeb perfumes and I didn’t laugh at you;) Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Jessica said:

    Loving the fact that GaGa will be on the vogue cover the month of my birthday I absoulutlely love her but walking around smelling like blood and semen for my 22 is a negative but I’ll continue to support mother monster by getting her albums :)

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