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I can always respect a company when it thinks outside the box and that is exactly what Bloomingdales and Havaianas have done with allowing its customers design their very own flip-flops, yes you read that right. Beginning June 27th you can now walk up to a interactive window display at Bloomingdales here in NYC and choose your own color, sole, straps, designs which includes Swarovski crystals and pay for it all at the window and they will be ready for pick up at the second floor kiosk. And get this there is even an option to share the design via social networks.  Technology has come so far! Do you think our grandparents imagined this was ever possible? Unless they imagined the Jetsons days which I’m still waiting for especially where you can dial on a box what you want your dinner to be and pops out a full course meal, but hey you never know! I bet no one ever believed we would have flying airplanes or cars with engines!

Not from NYC but sill want to be creative and reach that inner designer in you and design your very own flip-flops? Don’t fret, you can visit their website and do just that!


So what do you think? Would you want to design your own flip flops at Bloomingdales?

Style tip – Beach flip flops should only be worn at the beach or the park like pajamas and slippers should only be worn at home.

That’s the Buzz!

Frances O.


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  1. Jessica said:

    I would most de lie to design my own flip flop… You can’t be more original! How great would it when someone says omg I love u slippers where did u et them you can say I designed them myself at bloomies

  2. Nixx Marie said:

    Wow! That really IS thinking outside of the box. I would love to design my own flip flops! That’s really cool

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