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Although we are a few months away I couldn’t resist sharing the Burberry aw 2012 campaign with you and in fashion you always have to be ahead of the season that’s just how it works right? Hey if it wasn’t we couldn’t be proactive in making our list, checking it twice, and running with list in tow and buying everything we already imagined coordinating together and events you would wear it to:) So when I saw this campaign I fell in love maybe because I imagined every piece in my closet and on me of course and I must stress imagine:). The visual message was clear no mistaking, classic, inspired by the 1940’s, and rich.  I love classic clothing inspired by the early to mid 1900’s think the Audrey Hepburn days especially. The timeless look is so effortless and graceful. This collection is all about that plus a little edge added to the details of many of its pieces. You will find subtle with right amount of detail to still keep the elegant factor. The gloves, the belts around the coats, and even the umbrella all perfectly added in such a stylish way. Okay can you tell I’m in love with the Burberry campaign? The line is available so please go shop and I can live vicariously through you.

But of course more Burberry…

If you follow me you also know I love fashion short films so if one exist I have to make sure to include it for you (above). Although this campaign has many (all are worth watching) you can view all at Burberry where you can also see the rest of the campaign in its entirety.


Are You Loving This Campaign As Much As Me?

That’s the Buzz!

Frances O.




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  1. Rowena @ rolala loves said:

    This is an awesome campaign! I love the moody black and white photography and also the classic and wearable pieces that are shown.
    Thanks for your visit and sweet comment! I’m also following you on Bloglovin’ now :)

  2. Sotiria Krikelis said:

    Really well done campaign. The black and white tone and the misty street feel give it an amazing vibe. The photography, direction, and imagery are beautiful. I was never really a fan of Burberry, but their campaign says a lot!

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