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Blake Lively small screen and big screen actress who plays Serena in the small screen “Gossip Girl” (which I love) is filmed here in NYC in the Upper East Side where I reside, has transformed herself into a major on the big screen including dating my secret crush big screen actor Ryan Reynolds (not so secret anymore:) Oh wells…let’s move on. Blake lively is effortlessly sexy and stylish and nothing seems pushed on her unlike some actresses that have no sense of style but when they are featured on magazines it’s a different story. I enjoy seeing what Blake is wearing when she attends events and is definitely one of those actresses I keep my eye on as I have previously written about here. Her style can be casual/stylish and well put together to chic and glamorous.


Blake Lively has admitted on (extra TV) she does not have a personal stylist because she thinks dressing yourself is an expression of who you are. When she wakes she puts on what she feels and is constantly being inspired by what she see’s in movies, old movie actresses amongst other things.

Working in fashion for so long and explaining to people who aren’t in fashion that fashion is full of expression, full of individualism, full of people who are strong and unique and do not conform and wear what they damn please is so refreshing to hear someone with the same point of view and that is why I Frances O. love fashion and I love surrounding myself with similar minds and creativity and bravo for trying to be different. We may not have the same style but I admire anyone for having one:)



Of course I couldn’t leave you without a behind the scenes video of the photo shoot (way above:) Enjoy and happy weekend!

So what is your take on Blake lively not having a personal stylist?


That’s the Buzz!

Frances O.




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