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Rihanna has been buzzing all over the place.  She has a new fragrance coming out called “Nude” hence the photos above and she will be featured in Esquire July issue due out on June 4th (the first 4 photos). The last photo are a combination of photos of the singer nude taken by her stylist Melissa Forde and shared on Instagram.  Okay let me clear I think Rihanna is a great singer, entertainer , love her music, and think she did a great job in Battleship. But as of lately not sure she is making the best choices on how she’s putting herself out there. It would be a shame to see someone as talented as her to loose self respect and the respect of others especially that many young girls and women look up to her.  When I look at the pictures shared on Instagram it reminds me of soft porn, yikes but its true. There is sexy and tastefully done and then there is well the opposite and the Instagram pictures are well the opposite.


What do you think of her choice of photos to display on Instagram?

That’s the Buzz!

Frances O.



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  1. Sotiria Krikelis said:

    I like Rihanna, shes getting a little too raunchy for me though. I like controversy and she keeps people talking so from a biz standpoint – shes doing the right thing.

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