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Another social network…we love our social networks and I myself can admit to being addicted to some but when I received the invite from Staree I was reluctant. My first thought, not another social network!!! When I looked deeper there was a unique difference which amazed me.  You get paid to do the same things you do on Instagram. Intrigued yet?

You share photos, videos, make comment, e.t.c just like Instagram the only difference you get paid. Think Facebook, where Facebook receives all the money for themselves from the ads placed on your page, well on Staree they share it with you. I thought that was amazing.  Right now they only accept celebrities and people with a large following. Once someone is accepted they can invite 5 people with them so hopefully you know someone already with an account but I say try applying anyways.

I just did my page on Staree if you want to see what  it looks like HERE.

What do you think about Staree sharing the money unlike Facebook e.t.c?


That’s the Buzz!

Frances O.





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