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     Okay I didn’t say “American Fashion is Terrible” that would be designer Roberto Cavalli who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. And although I may get some backlash because I kind of agree with him, I have to be honest and anyone who disagrees that’s  okay  too it’s your opinion and this is mine!  After living and being exposed to fashion in Europe for six months I have come to a similar conclusion. In Europe it’s a way of life there is to dress nicely and stylish everyday, it’s important to them. You walk down any street and nearly everyone looks great. 
     I live in NYC the largest city in the U.S and I can tell you that’s not the case here. Don’t believe everything you see in magazines and movies, it’s not glamorous all the time.  Unfortunately unless you are walking around fashionable neighborhoods like Soho everyone looks well Blah. Although I am not there as often as I use to be because I have a child now (who just turned one:) and we live in a family friendly neighborhood in the Upper East Side, I can tell you whenever I do visit it’s like a breath of fresh air. It feels like home. Other than that it’s quite sad. And this in no way to offend anyone but it’s a fact and I myself am an American.

So when Cavalli was recently interviewed for Italian Magazine and said:

“Just look at American fashion which is almost fashion. It’s terrible and you can’t even look at it… “

Well I can’t argue with him:/



What do you think?

That’s The Buzz!

Frances O.
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  1. Ileana ICBridal said:

    Hot topic! Ok here I go..
    I believe fashion when not being looked at in terms of what's in style represents our society's current standards. We Americans have to be honest and realize that we have lowered our standards as a whole. The way we write and speak, the way we expect to be treated and how we treat others, as well as education moral values and on and on so it stands to reason that the American style has become a direct reflection of what we lack as a society. It's not about being shallow it's about caring. If it doesn't seem like you care for yourself, then what conclusion do you leave to others?

  2. sewa mobil jakarta said:

    Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  3. Night at Vogue said:

    I can't say anything about American street style v.s. European street style, but at least designer level I do like American designers -like Alexander Wang and Oscar de la Renta (and yes, I know neither one of them is "really" american). But it's a interesting topic.

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