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GLS Jewlery

EVENT WITH GLS JEWLRY DESIGNER MEAGAN NOELLE- Meagan designer of GLS Jewelry invited me to check out her event at Shecky’s Night Out and I couldn’t pass up her invitation because I already seen her fabulous work and was excited to attend.  The event was held here in New York City on the west side by the water in Javitz Center and it was freezing cold but thank goodness we didn’t have to wait on the long line because Meagan took good care of me and my crew and we went in VIP. Thank you Meagan you sure know how to take care of your guest! So the evening started off great, which I love of course. 
I had never met Megan before and upon meeting her we just instantly connected! She has a great personality and such a businesswoman, which I love! 
She was doing so well and most of the attention was on her and her designs. She gifted me an amazing necklace that I will feature in a different post. This isn’t the last you will hear from GLS jewelry! We are partnering to bring you a giveaway from an amazing piece from her line. I will visit GLS Jewelry showroom and select an amazing piece myself just for you! 
Here are some shots from the evening I wanted to share with you.

GLS Jewelry
Here with designer Meagan Noelle

GLS Jewelry
Friend and I in the crowd me being silly:)

GLS Jewelry

GLS Jewelry Designer

Sheckys Night Out

Self Explanatory:)


GlS Jewelery  Headpiece

GLS Jewelry

GLS Jewelry

 GlS Jewelry


GLS Jewelry

GLS Jewelry

GLS Jewelry

GLS Jewelry
Just hanging out

Hanging out

Hungry after the event and again being silly:)

Michael Kors Watch | H&M Dress,Cuff, Necklace| Zara Booties |Louis Vuitton Bag | Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

That’s The Buzz!

Frances O.

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