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Liv Tyler For Givenchy

Out of all days to get sick it had to be today when it is like 60 degrees here in NYC and I had a mini-photo shoot planned for my son and I had to cancel it:( So I am sitting here with a congested nose, chest and sour throat boo! If you can see what I look like you would be very, very, afraid. Any hoot I have found a bit of energy to say hello and bring you this music video Liv Tyler did for Givenchy campaign for their perfume “Very Irresistible.” I have a couple of things I want you to be on the look out when viewing this video that I found pretty funny and I’m wondering if it’s just me or do you see it as well? All joking aside I absolutely love the way Liv looks here and fits right in as a singer. Ever watch for the first time an actress transitioning into being a singer? Sometimes it works and sometimes, well it just doesn’t and then you have that awkward feeling for the actress. When I saw this video for the first time I didn’t feel that. I think she did a great job and can easily be seen as a singer. Maybe she has her fathers genes (Steven Tyler) she definitely has her father’s lips! No Botox for her. She’s all-natural!

1) About 9 seconds in Does it looks like she smelling her armpit?
2) About 14 seconds in Does she looks like she’s yawning?

 What do you think of Liv as a singer?

As a side note: I would like to congratulate designer Nicole B. Coleman on her nomination for “Designer of the Year  Award” she received from Ireland! We wish you luck! 
And fashionable bees if you haven’t entered the Nicole B. Coleman giveaway what are you waiting for? :)

That’s the BUZZ!

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  1. Frances O@TheFashionHive said:

    I am glad you follow my blog:)

    I follow you:)

  2. Frances O@TheFashionHive said:

    Would love to…I stopped by your site check it out!!

  3. Punctuation Mark said:

    i love her… she's looks more like a regular woman than all the other models out there

  4. Jayme and Mendi said:

    She looks great in these ads! I love her singing! Wow, had no idea! And she totally smelled her armpit. :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

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