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HOPE & FAITHA follower seen my tattoo on a previous post “My Little Hideaway” and emailed asking what did my tattoo say?

First I would like to thank my follower for taking time to write me an email (or should I say type but it sounds so weird:) and showing interest. This tattoo is what you call an ambigram (words that spell two different words turned upside down think Tom Hanks Angels&Demons movie). When I initially began thinking of getting a tattoo I knew it was something that could not be rushed and had to represent a story in my life since I would have to live with it for the rest of my life. That brings me to my first tattoo.

The first tattoo I decided on was a small colorful butterfly on the lower part of my stomach. At that point in my life I was gaining my independence living alone in NYC and felt free and optimistic and coming into a woman. This was the perfect tattoo for me and I don’t think I will ever regret it.

Hope and faith Tattoo– Wow where do I begin? In life you have people who will try to bring you down, say lies, and be a negative impact in your life. As I have matured I have learned people are going to be who they are and you can’t change them. You will have people who will be jealous and envious of you. You will have people who are constantly negative and will bring you down. As I got older I have learned that you have to stay away from people like that. Let them be negative miserable, and alone. You have to find HOPE and FAITH that you will surround yourself with positive people who are happy for you when you are doing well and people who will support you throughout your trying times. I am glad to say it has worked. I say be happy for those you love. 

I live by this everyday and I want to share this with you and hope it helps you too:


E.T.C I CAN GO ON AND ON BUT YOU GET THE DRIFT… if you understand this you will be happy for WHO YOU ARE and be happy for others. This will make you a secure, better, and happier person.

If you like to email me with any questions feel free!!

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  1. Night at Vogue said:

    I like your tattoos! Thanks for visiting my blog! I have now a giveaway on my blog celebrating my 50 first followers. I wanted to let the people know who been to my blog few times a tip!

  2. Rebecca Silverstein said:

    Love the tattoos!! Very classy. Your blog is amazingly well pieced together. I'm now a follower.


  3. Frances O@TheFashionHive said:

    Rebecca thank you for the support!!! Hope to hear from you soon!!

  4. Yara Simón said:

    That's a great tattoo, and I like that there's so much thought behind it.

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