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I want to give our fashionable bees a glimpse to a small part of my home. This part of my home is where I do all my brainstorming to connect with you. My Desk my home office or should say little corner. For me I need an organized, clear, crisp, minimal vibe to get my juices flowing. So it’s important that my surrounding be inspirational which also includes my large windows where I stare out of and am reminded of how lucky I am to live in such an amazing city.

On the top of my desk I have a picture of my husband and I when we were married along with a little souvenir from San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Frame-Vera Wang still available at Bloomingdales for $100.00 but I saw it for less at TJ Maxx
A candle. If I am working at night I really love lighting it up instead of electricity. It’s so much more calming. (don’t remember where I got this one but I’m sure you can buy a similar one for $2.)
Silk flowers so I’m not forced to keep changing them. (gift)
My Mac desktop which I love and can not live with out. Then again I can’t live with out anything Apple.(And of course still available:) HUGE APPLE fan.

Ikea desk. I have a love hate relationship with Ikea. In my experience the furniture doesn’t last too long I guess that’s why it’s so inexpensive. A temporary solution. So now I keep it at a minimum. But I have to say this desk has proven to have lasted and works well with storage which is hidden at the bottom where I store my printer and paperwork. There is also storage on the top under the clear glass where we store our laptops, Ipads, and Apple external hard drive and is easily accessible for things on the go.

Ikea desk I think it was $200

I’m looking for a fabric bulletin to pin my notes on above the desk but haven’t found anything I like. Have any suggestions?

What does your work space look like?
What have you done to make it more inspiring?
Love to hear your thoughts!!!


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  1. Lucija said:

    I love when I found blogs like yours that I instantly adore!!
    You got yourself a new follower :*


  2. Frances said:

    @lena I'm glad I inspired you and will visit your blog:)
    @Lucija I am so glad to hear and hope you continue to enjoy my blog. I have tried to view your link however; it doesn't seem to work. PLease resend it so I can check it put:)

  3. mylifeinmascara said:

    Loving the minimalistic feel you got going, love the whites & so organized. And I agree I too feel very lucky to live in such an amazing city!

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