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I remember years ago when I was so disorganized with my make-up and was in desperate need for a solution. I decided to go to Sephora. I asked the salesperson to please HELP and she understood my frustration. I told her I wouldn’t mind investing if it put me at ease. She pointed me to the perfect solution!! This make-up train case. It stores everything and keeps it well organized. I was so relieved that I did not care about the price tag because I knew I would get my return on investment and years later it is as good as new. Even came in handy when a good friend hired a make-up artist to a production shoot and never showed, well guess who came to the rescue. Oh and FYI I am not a professional make-up artist but the crew seemed to think so when I came rolling in with this case:). This definitely says you mean business but if you are willing to put in the extra money it would be worth it. If you know someone who has a messy draw or medicine cabinet that is full of disorganized make up, that someone will surely appreciate being presented with this awesome gift. I have taken a few pics of my personal one and attached a pic from Sephora as well.
Do you have a great make-up storage solution?

Metro Train Case- Original Price $92 on sale for $75
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  1. Jessey said:

    I Love this case!!!! What an amazing gift for the holidays!!
    I will be emailing this to my husband (Wink,Wink)

  2. Anonymous said:

    I think my aunt would agree that I'm a "disorganized fashionista in training" lmfao she has one of those cases and I've seen its use and how convenient it is. She won't let me steal hers and keeps telling me to but my own lmfao including the makeup inside =( Sooo, I'm forced to get my own lol

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