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Minimalist Chic.

When I saw this outfit there was no doubt I had to have it. Yes I know…but you can never have too much black in your wardrobe:) The blouse gave me a sophisticated vibe and the flow of it was alluring. As a women (and I’m sure you can relate) there are days where you don’t feel your best. Maybe you feel a little heavier that day and you want to wear something that doesn’t make you self-conscious. Something that hides what you don’t want to show but you still want to feel fabulous. Well this blouse was that for me. The pants I knew I had to have. First off it’s a basic and it will never go out of style plus its so comfortable.

Don’t you love looking great without the expense of feeling uncomfortable? ahh it feels great. Then I didn’t think I could have any more luck, but I did!!! I found the booties with 3 inch heels (yes my favorite) and lack for better words I was in heaven. Flowy, sophisticated, and comfortable, check it’s mine. Grab and run to the counter!!! I thought I was done with shopping when I went to pick up my niece at H&M across the street and there to my amazement I saw a perfect necklace to go with the outfit. Was I lucky! I had the perfect purse and watch to go with it at home!!! Hope you enjoy the pics and have as much luck as I did finding the perfect outfit, shoes, and accessories in less than an hour!!!

Blouse- Zara $59.90
Tuxedo Trousers- Zara $79.90
Booties- Zara $129.90
Necklace- $12.95
Watch- Michael Kors- $140
Purse- Louis Vuitton $530 Epi Collection


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